Welcome to Jeffrey Philips.com 


Jeffrey strapped on a scuba cylinder (when Clorox bottles were BCD’s) for the first time in 1967.  Dove for two years, decided he liked the water and obtained his scuba certification from NASDS.  He hasn’t stopped diving since.


            His early diving found him exploring the spring and sinks of Florida. Thus he spent most of his time in the dark, swimming vast miles through tunnels and enormous grottos where the walls and ceilings disappeared. Then he entered the ocean off Palm Beach and fell in love with reef diving.


            He completed his Instructor course with PADI in 1986 and co-taught with his wife, Kitty.  Later he started a charter boat operation, Seascape Charters, at which time he met Jim Abernethy and a friendship formed.  Then wanderlust grabbed him, he and Kitty wanted to see the world, and they started Mermaid Dive Guides.  They specialized in dive travel, the Bahamas and Caribbean was their playground, along with side trips to Land Ends and Fiji.  Each destination gave them more friends and one of a kind adventure.


            Upon continual persistence from his friend, Jim Abernethy, Jeffrey moved to West Palm Beach to become a part of Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures where he was part of their famous shark expeditions, National Geographic shoots, and Flying Boat adventures.  But one of his favorite things, if not guiding people along the reef, is to offer encounters with manatees to the different people he meets.  On the day boats he loves telling stories about the rich and famous (are they all true?) and giving the history of our dive sites (true, but hard to believe).  He is also known for his sense of direction (swim towards Palm Beach) and his fish identification (I saw blue ones, yellow ones, and some stripped ones).  He also writes articles on Palm Beach dive sites when hurricanes keep him from diving. 

             Then he found himself spending too much time working in the office and not enough time on the ocean. So he left JASA and went to work in a periodontist office as Office Coorindator. With 3 day weekends, once again he is spending hours exploring the reefs.